Undertaken so far…

Quite a list.
It was evident from our initial viewing of the property that much had been neglected in recent years, both inside and out. A number of bizarre recent alterations also required to be undone and things made good once more.

In no particular order, tasks so far undertaken:
Roof re-slated, skews and chimney tops re-pointed with appropriate lime mortar.
Gutters and downpipes repaired and re-painted.
Drains cleared.
Septic tank de-sludged.
Walls re-pointed where required.
Water supply pipework dug up and replaced correctly. Superfluous (leaking) joints removed. Stopcocks replaced.
A forest of brambles removed from garden.
Garden paths cleared.
Shed re-roofed and re-wired.
Orchard trees pruned / new trees planted where possible.
One section of garden was cleared and dug over in time to plant, grow and harvest a selection of potatoes, peas, carrots, parsnips, celeriac and so on. garden fences / windbreaks and pergola replaced.
Freshwater spring water tested and subsequently controlled. This had previously been left to flood the garden / run onto pavement. Annoyingly an annonymous passer by felt was acceptable to trespass onto our property and move the discharge hose! Had they been inclined to come and discuss, then they would have learned that a solution was work in progress. Nothing stranger than folk…
A number of large bonfires lit and debris disposed of.
A variety of old carpets and large amount of ‘anti-weed’ matting removed from garden grounds.
All the manky carpets ripped out of the house and disposed of.
‘Kitchen’ number two removed and thrown in the skip. The original room layout was then re-instated
New oil fired system boiler and cylinder fitted c/w new oil tank.
Central heating plumbing upgraded, additional radiators fitted where required.
Solid fuel stove removed and sold.
All old piping and water tanks now surplus to requirements were removed and sent for scrap.
Ground floor shower room replaced.
Obsolete Aga removed and replaced with an electric Aga.
Kitchen floor renewed.
Kitchen wall tiles replaced.
Damaged living room ceiling taken down and replaced.
Kitchen ceiling repaired and redecorated.
Plasterwork renewed throughout the house where required.
Two redundant fireplaces removed.
Hall, pantry and vestibule floors re-tiled.
Electric wiring checked repaired / replaced as required. CAT6 ethernet cable network installed throughout.
Smoke detectors replaced, linked system instralled as required by new Goverment regulations.
Floors repaired where neccessary. /many of the floorboards had been butchered by earlier plumbing / wiring activities. Dwarf wall under hallway stabilised and improved.
Attic properly insulated.
Boundary walls repaired / repointed – ongoing.
Driveway gates built and fitted.
Garden gates through doorways replaced with new.
Fencing erected – Grounds now secure.
CCTV installed, with additional floodlights / security lighting. All access / egress points are covered 24/7 with cloud storage.
Window locks repaired where neccesary.
New door locks fitted.
Satellite dish installed.
Baxi Burnall fire renovated. Ironwork replaced. Fireplace painted with ‘Stonelux’.
New oak side door, and utility room door fitted. Others repaired where neccesary.
Network cables installed.
Gates / fences painted.
Chimney cowls replaced.
Paths repaired. Holes filled / rubble removed and tarmac made good.
Garden pond uncovered, cleaned out, liner repaired and a new pump and filter installed.
Driveway raked / weeds removed. Persistent weeds eradicated by burning.
Tidy up around the castle, rubbish, weeds and self seeded saplings removed.
Redecoration of all rooms – ongoing.